July 24, 2014

The Bermuda Boys' Brigade - 1st Bermuda Company

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The Bermuda Boys' Brigade - 1st Bermuda Company

First, the Bermuda Boys' Brigade is Christian. Second, it is for boys only.

The Bermuda Boys' Brigade was formed in 1960 at St. Paul's Church, Paget. It was founded by Mr. Cecil Downs at the request of Canon Peter Evans, Rector.

The 1st Bermuda Company is located at St. Paul's Church, Paget. You can contact David Semos, Captain, at 236-9349 or email dasemos@btc.bm

If you would like to learn more about the BB International, please visit http://www.boys-brigade.org.uk/bgrnd/method.htm

In Bermuda we operate within our Island culture, while working to maintain the original ideals of our international founder, Sir William Smith.

In Bermuda we have two companies, (1st and 2nd) with approximately 50 boys total. The BB Council has embarked on a drive to re-activate and create new companies around the island. Letters, stories, and interviews have been sent to churches, newspapers, television and radio stations. We pray that this effort will be blessed.